It must be ‘Magic’: Robin Thicke’s got the summer banger of ’08


A few days after the official start of summer each year, I think long and hard about what is going to be my certified banger for the season. What do I look for? Something I can dress to when I’m going out, something I can blast out of the ride on a drive through the city … just something that will capture the escape that hot summer days provide us from life’s mundane dramas and detours. I was leaning toward Lalah Hathaway’s “Let Go” for a minute, but I have to go with “Magic,” the latest single by none other than white boy R&B wonder Robin Thicke.

At the moment, it doesn’t get much better than this.

The song, which is currently at No. 32 on Billboard’s R&B chart, is on the Curtis Mayfield meets Soul II Soul tip and I love every minute of it. His blue-eyed soul croon has gotten even stronger than it was on “The Evolution of Robin Thicke,” and if it and this ditty are any indication of what we can look forward to on September’s “Something Else,” we are in for some hot shit. A subtle, horn-laden flash of a single worthy of the buzz it is generating, “Magic” is just that.

I don’t think Brother Thicke will be going anywhere anytime soon … and that’s a good look.

Check out “Magic” below.


3 responses to “It must be ‘Magic’: Robin Thicke’s got the summer banger of ’08

  1. First, it is good to have you back boo. I need to listen to RT’s new cut, I do like the one he did with Ashanti on her new LP.-QH

  2. The more I listen to this, the more I am beginning to agree with you about this song. It is definitely something not contained by a single setting and it does have a feel of summer to it.

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