Get well soon, Natalie!


This wasn’t the kind of news I wanted to see about one of my favorite vocalists.

It was announced today that one of my cornerstone divas, Natalie Cole, has Hepatitis C. Doctors think the drug use of her youth is the culprit, as the disease is contracted through contact with infected blood. While they say Natalie is responding well to treatment, side effects such as fatigue and muscle pain are giving her problems. Nonetheless, her prognosis is good.

So, I just wanted to send Sister Natalie some love and a big, shameless GET WELL SOON! Here’s to your health and speedy recovery.

Below you’ll find “La Costa,” my favorite song from 1977’s “Thankful,” the Natalie LP I love best.

Again, get well soon Natalie!


One response to “Get well soon, Natalie!

  1. This bites, NC is such a sweetie and talented. I love her music and personae, I hope she weathers this, which I am sure she will-QH

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